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We are excited to make our first blog post about our film, and to share with you what motivated us to begin this project.

We were inspired by an email we received from a friend, regarding a young soldier and hero named Tomas Young. Young passed away on Nov. 10, 2014, after a hard battle for life, but not before he wrote a letter to George W. Bush about all the lies he was told in order to serve his country. Young’s dying wish was a “trial” for those who told all those lies that created an unjust war. A trial in the court of public opinion is our goal, as it seems there is no other justice for those who wronged so many to serve their own goals and egos.

Young’s letter brought us to tears, not just upon hearing his story and learning about his suffering, but knowing that there are so many others whose lives were ruined because of…what? It gave our team a great purpose in life and inspired us to make this our cause – to create a movie about the facts of the Iraq war. We seek your help to make this movie a reality, with its moral story and value for our nation, and to be an inspiration for all involved.

We are very passionate about this project. There are many Iraq War-related books and movies. Discussion of the war has been endless, but as of yet, there has been no trial of the principals who took us to this disastrous war. We seek to create a dramatization of such a trial, subjecting them to justice in the court of public opinion. We believe millions of people like us – peace lovers and veterans – would like to see a film drama about the Bush Administration standing trial, and supporting our and your cause, so indeed we can say: “No man will be above the law.”

Making a movie is no easy task – and it is an expensive one. However, once initial funding is in place, there is a vast pool of talent ready to come on board. Our plan is to raise the first round of funds for development purposes in the amount of $100,000, and we are looking for people willing to support us in this effort. Please note that we are only bringing on board accredited filmmakers and other experienced professionals. We pledge to be very careful with your funds, and if successful, we will be able to return a lot of capital to good VET causes.

This initial round of funding will enable our experienced scriptwriter to commence work, and to pay for other expenses like legal fees, website maintenance, and costs associated with laying the groundwork for the next round of financing. Management will not be taking a fee from this initial funding campaign. We believe this can be a very successful film, and have faith that there are others out there willing to step up to the plate and talk to us about an equity investment.

We have a solid proposal and a good concept, and we will do our next round via Indiegogo in the amount of $2.1M as per estimated budget. Likewise during this time frame and prior to our second round of funding, we wish to build up our social media community, and we ask all of you who agree that this war was a waste to please be so kind leave a “like” and a comment on our Facebook page, and to follow us on Twitter. It would be greatly appreciated.

To be sure, we love America and our armed forces as much as you do. This film is not against the Republican Party, nor against the armed forces, for which we have great respect. It is against unjust wars and misrepresentations, and it will be a fair and honest lesson in what lies and innuendo can do to a powerful nation and its leaders. We hope it will prevent the horrors of another unjustified war, and that it will be a moral lesson for all of us.

Thousands of our heroes died or were wounded, and so much pain was caused to their families and loved ones because of the lies told to the American people by their leaders. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were wounded, and millions have been killed or displaced when what our leaders called “nation building” turned into a fiasco and ended up creating ISIS.

We do not have all the answers to the issues facing our world in the coming months and years, but we do hope that – together with your support and your input – we will be able to show the world that finally we can say: “No man is above the law.”

We hope you will follow us and share your comments on Facebook and Twitter, and that you will consider supporting our development campaign at https://www.indiecrowdfunder.com/. No donation is too small – even the price of a movie ticket, and any amount is appreciated. We look forward to your support and participation, and wish you all the best in life – and peace for all.

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